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     Interview with intuitive healer Mr. Leszek Richmond
     “Express Wieczorny” spring 2002.

I first would like to ask you to explain to
                                                      our readers how you heal patients?

      Holistic healing is what I do. That means I heal body, mind and spirit. I help bring both emotional  and mental
      balance, which is responsible for our health.

How do you work with people
                                                               asking for your help?
     It is very difficult to describe, because I never know how I will perform my session with each person. Everyone
     is   different and unique. When I start, I don’t know what form of treatment I will apply. That’s why I’m called a
     Psychic Intuitive Healer. Psychic, because during session I can hear and see things which others cannot;
     intuitive, because I use intuition; and healer, because with all the above I help patients to heal. These make
     me different from other healers. Most of them need information from patients what their problems are.
I can see
     or sense weak points, through which energy is leaking. This means that the person has a problem with keeping
     energy from flowing through his body. When energy does not flow well, we are unbalanced emotionally or
     physically, or both. This explains why some people feel sick even though they have a healthy style of living;
     their diet is perfect with all tests showing that they are “in normal health”. Physically they are fine, but
     emotionally they are not. People sometimes cannot describe their symptoms and they may claim I don’t have
     strength; my concentration is poor; I get tired quickly etc. The reason(s) may often be located in the emotional
     or spiritual sphere. These are very difficult and sensitive fields of our soul. I’m myself against hypnotherapy
     because this is not a natural form of healing. It is successful in some cases, but sometimes causes something
     called ‘post hypnotherapy effect’. We do not know how it affects our conscious or unconscious mind in a longer
     term. I think that the nature has a reason to make those spots invisible for us. If we need that information, the
     nature will show them or make them available for us. During my sessions, people surrounded by my energy
     field feel relaxed and calm, and very often fall asleep. My energy helps them release their emotions.

                                                    I hear you receive information of how a person should be

                                                    treated to be healed. Do you get it all the time?

     No, and yes. In some cases when I use hands-on therapy, I do not know where I will put my hands.
     Most healers work with a plan which is more like a routine, starting at a certain point and going to another and
     then another. They call it ‘cleaning the aura’. I start where I feel the strongest leak of energy, and “fix” the hole
     by putting my energy. This is a very effective method of healing. Sometimes, I feel that only a talk with a
     person, or taking off jewellery, glasses or watch will change the energy around the person and then I start
     energy healing.

                                                  Could you give us example of how you have helped people?
                                                  How did they get better? How did you do it?

     Every case is different and depends on a few things. People contact me directly in person, or by phone. For
     people living in a different country, I do distance healing, too. Mostly, I feel his or her weak points and what and
     which area needs my attention. In the past, I felt physical pain from people having those weak points, or
     insufficient energy. Luckily, I know how to defend myself from those experiences, which, in some cases, caused
     terrible pain related to this form of “test.” I know some healers use this technique to tell patients where their pain
     is. But for me, this is only information which does not truly help heal the patients or solve the problem/issue
     they suffer.
When I put hands on the person in my session, I sometimes see or hear the root of the problem
     and the answer how to solve this problem.

This sounds interesting, could you
                                                           explain to our readers a little more?  
     Yes. One time I had a session with a woman. Shortly after I put my hands on her, a picture of a little girl appeared.
      I couldn’t tell her age. I saw that she was crying because of a doll. I continued the session and soon I saw that the
     girl became a teenager, smiling and laughing. For me it was the information that her trauma was gone. The
     blockage from her childhood was released. After I finished, I asked her whether she remembered such situation
     from her childhood. She said no. After a few weeks, her mother called me and said “Leszek, when Louisa was a
     child, our neighbours had guests from abroad. They brought a very nice talking doll. It was a present for their
     daughter’s friend. Louisa played with the doll for a few days, and when the time came to return it, she got very
     upset and started to cry. She returned the doll but she was still crying for the next few days. The mother and
     Louisa were very surprised how I received this information, because even they had forgotten such incident
     happened about twenty five years ago. The session with me changed Louisa. She started to enjoy her life more,
     and she smiles more often too.The next example is about a visit of a man with his wife. He had a pain in his back.
     His wife started to ask me some questions about how I help. After my answers, she decided to have a session for
     herself as well.  Like this, it happens many times that I am supposed to see one person and somehow I see two or
     three more people accompanying the patient. What is more interesting on that day was that, I already had an
     appointment to see another patient, who coincidentally called me to cancel his appointment.
Going back to the
     woman, I started a session and I saw a symbol of very heavy steel cross and a coffin. After the session, I asked
     her if she was able to connect my vision with her. She said, “Yes, my mother just passed away two months ago.”
     She still was in emotional pain. She didn’t show her feelings and emotions to others, but they were hurting her a
     lot and making her feels lonely. She had two kids and she tried to be strong. I phoned her after a few weeks, she
     told me how big, and positive impact had a session with me. She feels lighter, happier, and more confident in life,
     and she has much more energy now.

                                             Yes, but did you help her?  You saw the cross and you asked
                                             her about it and
that was enough to help her heal?

     Well, when I put hands on her, my energy started to flow through her, and her emotions were released or ‘melted’,
     as I sometimes call it. She was blocked and as a result, her life was full of stress and tension.

                                             I understand this now. So when you put your hands or
                                             you apply a different form of therapy, you are able to neutralize or
                                             reduce the effect of emotional blockages that occur few weeks, months,
                                             or years ago.
Do you connect picture with a person that come to see you?

     No, I don’t. This information is for me and I sometimes share it with him or her.During my session, I feel energy in
     different ways or I see it even in colours.I try to recognize and organize this invisible world because it cannot be
     described with our words.Very often I use metaphor to describe what I sensed. Healers have different
     experiences and work very often on different levels of the unseen world. Many people think that it is one hidden
     dimension. This is partially true but this reality has a few levels. I’m talking about my experience. This is like
     looking through a very small window on foggy day and you can see and hear a lot but it is enough to help others. In
     some cases, I get the exact time of the accident or other situations that cost deep stress or traumatic experience
     to patients. So this is information for the person as well for me. Some things which look small may have had a
     very big impact on our life. For example, when a young kid heard he/she is stupid, the word may stay for the rest
     of his/her life. S/he might have forgotten what s/he was told, but s/he may act as s/he remembers very well. During
     my session, it is possible to call this time and released which is the biggest advantage. Those events are related
     to many areas of our life. We could see and realize even that there is something wrong, but we don’t know where
     the problem really is. Most observed symptoms are physical and we recognise them faster, but problem very
    often is hidden in emotions. During my session, many people fall asleep, not because they feel comfortable on the
    bed, but because their feelings may be too painful to face. So when they are asleep, I’m able to release their
    stress, tension, or blockage. Organizing those pictures and dates are helping me to find the cause of the problem.

Could you tell us a little more about
                                                          those visions or information?

     As I mention before this small window or screen I could see on it pictures, numbers, but also, homeopathic
     remedies, name of herb, supplement, vitamins, minerals, or I can hear which will help in certain case. I remember
     one case at the beginning of my practise.  Was a man visiting me because he had a problem and his wife
     couldn’t get pregnant.First I felt pain. I saw that this was due to his relation with another woman. Later I saw the
     combinations of numbers and letters as D9, D12, B6, B22. Symbols were more difficult for me to understand. I
     saw such things first time. I thought about B as a group of vitamins B, but some numbers were too high, and D
     with that number didn’t make any sense to me. Besides, I saw the words in Latin which I had never learned, and it
     was “sulphur acid.” I said to him that I need more time to figure out what this was all about. After he left, I started
     some research and coincidently, the first book was for people working with pendulum, and there were answers to
     my questions too. The book had wheels with homeopathic remedies and their strength
  are measured in solution
     described with … D and numbers.
I was surprised myself. On one of the wheels I found … sulphur acid as well.
     Now this made sense. I still didn’t know about “B”.I contacted a friend to explain; he was laughing, and said to me,
     “Leszek, ‘B’ is for the classic Bach Flower Remedies and numbers beside them are for the certain drops. I hadn’t
     heard about them at that time I don’t know how I call such source of information. I have an access to it if need it.

Leszek, you mentioned about applying those
                                                 remedies for people coming to see you.

     I’m only passing information for the people who come to see me. Most of those remedies are affordable. I usually
     receive information about remedies which also come with the time and the amount that the person should take. I
     remember one case very well. Just after I finished conversation with a patient, I had a feeling that I should write for
     him a kind of action plan. First on the list was “do not watch TV”.I faxed him the information with others without
     analyzing. A few days later I visited him. Before even I got to the hall, his wife asked me, “How did you know about
     TV? He watches it for almost 12 hours a day. He was sick and that was how he spent most of his time going for
     between medical tests and visits in the clinic. We know that spending a lot of time watching TV is not healthy, and
     in this case my intuition was telling me what the first step was for him to get better. Sometimes, remedy is very
     simple, such as gem or crystal. Everything can be a remedy, like walking through a park, watching on the sky with
     stars, watching tongues of fire. All these are the elements of nature. When we lose contact with one of the
     elements, we don’t have energy of this element. Simple element can be a successful remedy. Many people have
     called me to say how well simple remedy works even they were very sceptical about it in the beginning. They were
     sceptical because it was so simple. It may sound simple but the effects are amazing to those who apply. They’ve
     said like, “I went for a walk by the water and I feel reborn” or “I bought this rock and I sleep well since. What a
     miracle.” This is like with the best food: Even if it is prepared perfectly, but with no salt, your effort is far from
     expectations. Just a little of salt can change a “tasteless meal” to a “delicious” one. We are far more complicated
     than the best recipe. So we have to have a lot of spices to enjoy good meal. When accurate spice is added, we
     get colours and become full of life.

What you think about self-healing force?

     We are loaded with self-adjusting and self-healing system.When we cut ourselves, we cannot give any
     command to our system in order to take certain actions.
It is done right after accident or sickness that body
     responds immediately. We can see also that breathing, digesting, thinking, and many other processes in our
     body are going without our “permission”. We have forces which are very skilful. We have to give them a chance
     so they can function properly in case they are blocked for some reasons. Some people are able to stimulate or
     refresh inner forces so that they work properly, and I’m one of them.

What “special event” or situation
                                                             you remember about your gift?
     I will describe two of them. During a health show in Vancouver, I had a picture of my aura taken. It was a different
     machine than the one I was taken a few years before. When they saw the colour of my aura on the monitor, they
     thought that the machine got broken. They asked me to dry hands and then try again, but nothing changed. Finally
     they decided to print it. To their surprise, they didn’t have such an aura on record even in manual for the
     interpretation of the program. They recommended me to see a “specialist” for interpretation of aura, who can see
     aura of others since his childhood days. When I later went to see him, he was surprised by the photo of my aura.
     He decided to make another picture with his own machine.  His device didn’t work.  He tried again and finally he
     got a message on the screen, which said “The system failed. Please set up all again.” Practical meaning of it was
     that my presence caused dysfunction of the machine. He had to download all software and set up the system.
     After a while, the picture was printed. He said that it was his first time the device failed. The second case was with
     sleeping patient after session. People during session sometimes fall asleep. In most cases, patients wake up
     when I finish treatment. This time he didn’t. So I went for a brake about 20 minutes and came back, but he was still
     sleeping. I never had a case like this before. I thought, “Okay, I will see the next person in a different room.” And
     just before the next person came, he woke up. Surprised himself, he asked me how the session was. I said
     “Hmm, excellent” and replied him with a question, “How was your sleep?” He started to laugh and said thank-you,
     for not waking him up. I still remember how relaxed he was on the bed. This also shows how deep relax takes
     place during my session even though most people had never seen me before. 

What you think about today’s medicine?
      It is like with mechanics so many specialists but we are a ‘one piece”.We shouldn’t send a person with weak
      eyes to an ophthalmologist and think this is enough. Today medicine very rare is looking for causes of the
      sickness mostly they treat the symptoms separately from the rest of the body. We have cardiologists,
      psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.
Even of mention above specialization we still have doctors they look for patient
      not for organ. I think people with a gift as I should not be an alternative but a supplementary for the medical
      system. We have to be aware of hi-tech medicine from bed to artificial limbs and wheelchairs. The technical
      revolution has allowed many people to participate in activities that they had never dreamed about, like jogging
      swimming or ‘simply’ walking. None of the best doctors or healers could bring back lost hand or legs. Only
      technology allows to do implant that before where even difficult to imagine. This is a big success of modern
      technology applied in medicine. Being a doctor or healer has a big responsibility. People trust us and give most
      precious part of them. No one should take advantage of this in any circumstance. We should humbly do our
      duties. Here I want to mention a case of 25 year old father of 5-month-old baby and two-year-old daughter, having
      cancer. He was treated with chemotherapy and radiation. They released him from the hospital because with all
      what they could do there was no chance for him. How difficult it was to walk with kids at his home without tears.
      Sometimes it is impossible to help, but we can prepare mentally and emotionally for the last hours. This is a very
      difficult task but is a part of healing. Some families don’t understand this help because they are losing a member
      of the family or a friend. This is very important part of dying in peace. People who help in those hopeless cases
      very often experience a huge stress and pressure because of it.

                                                 I would like to ask about your wish through
                                                 the year for readers of “Express Wieczorny”

      I would like that all of us remember,We borrow this world from our children.

                                                 Thank you for your interesting talk.

      Thank you.



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