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                Session with a patient is performed in a friendly atmosphere.
                Each patient is treated individually, and
his /her privacy is respected. 
                I spend with each patient as much time as is necessary for his/her case.

                The session could take from 60-100 minutes.
               Sometimes, it can take longer. There is no extra fee for extended session.
                The fee is for one sesion not for the time spent. Each person is unique and the
                same symptoms can be brought from different causes.

                Length of the session is not related to the sickness itself.

                Session can be performed:

                a) directly in a patient's presence by laying hands on him/her,
                b) touchless by directing energy to his chakras or to his/her physical body
                c) through having a conversation
                d) during a telephone conversation, or other forms of contact such as TV or the Internet
                e) by distanc ehealing called distance healing
(recommended when a direct contact
                     is impossible)

                    - mentally when I know the first and last name of the person that my energy
                    should be sent.

                 Session performed by distance takes about 60 minutes.
                 During this time the person receiving energy 
should turn off telephone,
                 lie down comfortably, cover him/herself with a blanket and
                 close his/her eyes.
After the treatment, s/he should take at least 2 hours to relax. 

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