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Traditional look of ..
                       "A  person  cannot  live  on  bread  alone but on every word that God speaks"                  
                                                                                                        St.Matthew  4,4

"And God said: I have given you every plant with seeds on the face of the 
                        earth and every tree that has fruit with seeds. This will be your food"
                                                                                               Book of Genesis 1,29


                                "Pleasant words are like honey from a honeycomb -
                                 sweet to the spirit and healthy for the body"

                                                                                                    Proverbs 16,24


                                 Diet as a prevention and medicine.

                                 I would like to introduce you to new and most effective Individual Food Plan.
                                 This is a very unique method which gives unlimited possibbilities to apply:

                                 -  Prevention
                                 -  Treatment ( "food as a medicine" - Hippocrates)
                                 -  Speeding up recovery (cost saving to be healthy again)
                                 -  Keep suggested weight (without taking drugs)
                                 -  Gaining suggested weight (fighting anorexia and obesity)
                                 -  Eliminate unhealthy products from meals (for example because of overdose)
                                 It is wise to check:
                                 -  How and if your diet affects strenght of your body? 
                                 -  What to eat so that you stay or become a healthy person?
                                 -  Which products are the best for you while you are sick?
                                 I will answer these questions on an individual basis.

                                 My gift allows me to feel how any product influences you physically and emotionally
                                 and then you
will have a prepared personal menu with the most beneficial meals. I
                                 will also tell you which
herbs, supplements or vitamins that you take are accepted
                                 by your body and when is the best
time to take them, and you will know if they are
                                 beneficial, neutral or unhealthy for you.




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