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                    My treatment is safe and has no side effects.

How I can help you ?

       1) Choose the best therapy through my psychic abilities.
                   2) Find the cause of the problem.
                   3) Find remedy* to bring balance and harmony.
                   4) By using healing energy called bioenergotherapy.
                   5) By seting up individual diet which will help speed up the recovery process from sickness.
                   6) By distance healing (I don't need a picture of a patient).

                                                                                                     FREE  consultation by phone

       * Remedy
-  food, vitamins, minerals, energy and flower essencies,herbs, supplements, aromatherapy oil,color,
         music, mountains, forest, water, crystals, mineral rocks etc.

Emotional stress
Kidney problem
Low energy,
Muscle or joint pain,
Night Fears Phobias
Spine pain 
Weight issues
&.... many others

If you suffer from above my therapy is for you!

                        All healers from ancient times have stated:           
                                  "True healing has a place when we see the patient as a whole”.

                    This means that healers should see the four elements:
                    1) physical,
                    2) psychological,
                    3) emotional,
                    4) spiritual of a human being.

      Because, problems may exist in the physical body, but the cause could be in psychological,
      emotional or spiritual sphere. Sending healing energy to a patient, called bioenergotherapy,
      is the method which I generally use to heal patients. Bioenergotherapy is very effective in many
      types of sickness and chronic diseases. While it is a successful method by itself, it could be used
      with other traditional treatments. I also use color, music, art and other forms of holistic therapy.
      My psychic abilities clairvoyance and clairaudience allow me to choose the best form of therapy for
      the patient. Information received this way is very specific to the unique person in session at this time
      and place. Very often, such information tells what element or medicine* is needed to bring balance in
      the patient’s body, what amount and what time applies in accordance to personal planetary time. This
      information supports bioenergotherapy and helps make healing successful. Bioenergy which I send to the
      patient reaches his /her emotional blocks which may have been forgotten. Those blocks are created by
      stress, traumatic experiences, shocks, or other painful sufferings related very often to childhood, schooldays,
      immigration, or other radical changes or shocks to the consistency of the person’s life. When the wave of my
      energy melts and neutralizes those blocks, the patients are free from them. I also help people with their
      decisions about subject of study, or choosing / changing profession.



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