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                           "I was depressed for the last few years. I read leszek's brochure and decided to try  his
                            treatment. He asked me to close my eyes . Soon I felt waves of heat and cold going through my
                            body. Than I felt as if I was changed, my body was lighter, and I was very relaxed.When I 
                            opened my eyes, I  felt  a lot of energy, and I was smiling. I couldn't  believe it. Besides , my 
                            period came back after  three years. Now I'm very healthy and full of energy, thanks to Leszek's
                            treatment. It's been three years now."
    Marlene, Calgary

                           "I had a headaches for nine years before meeting Leszek five months ago. After one session 
                            they were gone. Since then, I haven't taken any pills for my headaches. This is unbelievable. 
                           Thank you so much.!"  Katherine, Toronto

                           "I called Leszek after reading an article about his healing in "Express wieczorny". I had a big 
                            lump(size of egg) behind my left ear. He gave me treatment by phone and told me what I should 
                            avoid in my diet. When I woke up next day the lump was half the size. On the third day  it almost
                            disappeared. That was a miracle! Thanks again."  Anna, Chicago

                          "My seven-years old son was bed wetting. Nothing helped until Leszek came to our place. after 
                           his treatment Andrew was sleeping well and since then his bed stays dry. He is nine years old
                           now. What he did was a miracle!"   Yvonne ,Vancouver

                          "My back was hurting for years. After my first visit to Leszek, I felt much better. I was able to to
                           get up without suffering from the pain. After the second treatment, I felt so light and I noticed that
                           my pain related to changes of the wether disappeared too, which had bothered me for the last
                           forty years. I am greatful."   Bill, Victoria

                          "Our 10-year-old  couldn't sleep alone because he was scared of monsters coming out of the
                           computer games. We went to see Leszek. Since then, he sleeps well, is relaxed and smiles a
                           lot. Thank you very much."  George, Oshawa

                          "Our nine years daughter suffered from rash and allergy for eight years. She couldn't sleep, and
                           her legs were scratched deeply. We had to have her put gloves on for all those nights. We tried
                           such possibilities as traditional and alternative medicine, and even a few psychics. No results.
                           Finally we contacted Leszek. After one treatment and recommendation with a simple
                           remedies, our daughter started to sleep well as never before. Her skin got smooth and the rash
                           disappeared. We can't describe our happiness."  Maria,Vancouver


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